Flying into Sola Airshow

The airshow area is at Apron 2 on the military (eastern) part of Stavanger Lufthavn Sola. The organizers do not have the capacity to handle fly-in’s by private aircraft and we do not have parking available at the military side of the airport. However, the civil side of the airport is open for business and limited parking will be available here.

Note that a PPR will be in effect for the airshow week, planned for Wednesday 7 June 06:00Z through Sunday 11 June 22:00Z – check NOTAM for details.

After landing, visiting aircraft will be directed to designated parking areas by Air Traffic Control.

Note that participating air show aircraft leaving after the show on Sunday will be given priority over fly-in aircraft.

More detailed information about flying into the airshow will be available closer to the event. Please note that it is not yet possible to apply for a PPR.

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